When the holiday is over

I head back to work tomorrow with a list of reminders:

1. Find the work life balance – leave work at work and make sure home is home. Enjoy your sanctuary of home and spend your time living your life not simply working.

2. Find beauty in the small and everyday things – you do anyway- but make sure you remember to love hanging the washing out feeling the sun kissing the pores of your skin and enjoy the vista of the gorgeous million dollar view from your balcony, whilst sipping a rose, gin and tonic or green tea. We are dead a long time – savour the simple and everyday.

My nightly sunset view

3. Love where you live! I am five to fifteen minutes from views and experiences that people all over the world covet. I can swim at an uncrowded beach( Avoca Beach) walk amongst forests ( Bouddi National Park) and photograph millions of stars from my balcony or bask in sunsets that signal tomorrow will be a glorious day.

My star view

4. I need to remind myself that despite being on my own and single I am fortunate to have raised three glorious humans who add meaning and so much value and love to my world. I just finished a coffee date and decided to treat myself lunch at The Box. You know the date is doomed when the weather gods remind you he is just a friend- wind, rain and the warning that you will not be swimming are enough of a signal. When conversation refers to your age at 54 of being old- he is simply friend zoned. The fact lunch at ‘The Box’ is not a considered option when you are sitting in his car sipping coffee after two hours chatting – the signal you hear is ‘this man is friend only’ not a potential man to woo you off your feet. His conversation with a touch of occasional cynicism, innuendos and the pointed fact that I am ten years older- is not seen as a positive and the references to the fact your back injury is probably from ‘shaggers back’ is enough to sway you to the decision line of ‘no you are not the one for me’ definitely. You are fine on your own- and dining on your own is fine, as is living on your own and you want a man a partner who thinks you are a great person, look well for 54 and have a life that is worth sharing and enjoying. Currently, I am free to do as I please and able to enjoy the gorgeous meal I purchased without feeling I owe anyone, anything! Cheers, buy your lunch and enjoy the liberating feeling of solo life.

5. You are an interesting intelligent introspective and amazing woman. You might have to wait years to meet ‘the one’ who will sweep you off your feet and remind you why you spent so long on your own. In the meantime, invest your time in your passions- photograph what you choose when you choose, sleep in late when you like on the weekend, travel where you desire, eat what you want without having to determine if it’s suitable or affordable, get up early-go to bed early, take your paddle-board out as you decide, spend your money on what you desire, wish or want, without justification.

There is freedom in being single, you are able to do what you like to do (or not) whenever you decide. You just need to listen to the reminder it’s okay to have dessert first, dine where takes your fancy, work pays the bills for your life but you must keep it all in perspective.

I need reminders – thanks to the universe for reminding me you have my back- my body although battered and injured a few times, is still in good shape, as is my mind, and as I sip the last mouthful of Bouchard Aine Cuvée Rosé I feel giddy with the feeling that 2021 is the year I truly remember that over fifty years passed in the blink of time and it truly is time to seize the moment, even if I’m solo. Lunch for one is more than fine.

Delicious dessert

4 thoughts on “When the holiday is over

  1. Your strength and courage drip from every line. As one who is approaching 51, I appreciate the reminder to slow down and appreciate what is in front of me. Thank you….and your photographs are beautiful!

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  2. I agree – your photographs are gorgorous! I too need to appreciate the here and now, especially as one who just turned 57! Thanks for reminding me about what’s important as you drafted and shared your list.

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