Rock it

Just went to the gym and walked on the treadmill (since I can) for the first time in four months. Awoke to the fact it is pouring with rain this morning but as lockdown has ended, it meant I could get out of the house to do something I previously could not. So I visited the gym. But alas not being allowed to go to many places inside meant I spent time exploring outside where I live with the lens of new points of view and perspectives.

These are a just a few of the pictures of places I explored on my morning walks, often sat contemplating, tried to earnestly ground myself and some rock platforms I discovered and visited for the first time. Iā€™m sure you agree that they are delightful examples of rock.

Return to the forest

Needed a grounding session today in a hectic work week. Hoping these images calm and centre me for the next hour and the rest of the week ahead. Lots of walks were completed in lockdown and these are just a few of my favourite snaps. Reminder to self: one step, hour and day at a time.

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